Derek Dellinger Joins Mediavision2020 as Account Executive

Mediavision 2020 is pleased to welcome Derek Dellinger to its Bentonville, AR, team as an Account Executive. Derek is a Northwest Arkansas native, and is a proud University of Arkansas alumnus. After spending his time at the University of Arkansas studying Exercise Science, Derek became a manager and personal trainer at Clubhaus Fitness in Fayetteville in 2015. The old adage rings true for Derek, as he has never met a stranger. He loves any new opportunity to connect and relate with people. Derek enjoys spending time traveling and exploring new places. Some of his favorite trips have been to the Pacific Northwest, including Seattle, WA and Vancouver, Canada, and an entire summer spent in India.  In his free time when he is not working, Derek enjoys lifting weights, hunting and fishing, and spending time in nature with his family and friends. Derek’s love for people and his ability to build meaningful relationships makes him right at home with our Mediavision2020 team.