Reach consumers as they're shopping and in-between their store visits.
Drive eCommerce actions with ADD-TO-CART functionality during
key list-building and ATC moments.

The Brandlift™ shopper database (including Online Grocery Shoppers) was created to offer CPG brands an opportunity to make meaningful connections with active shoppers at the right time and place. Our proprietary audience building platform uses store mapping, GPS data, plus visual verification to build and update shopper audience groups from major retailers across the US.

Monthly in-store realtime impressions : 290 Million

Monthly between visit impressions: 1.2 Billion

Audience quality is paramount to our clients. It’s why we build our audiences using an unmatched proprietary 3X verification process & tools that are 100% TAG certified. (Trustworthy Accountability Group).

Brandlift™ serves your display or video ads to shoppers in two unique ways:

  • In-store while shopping – win valuable at-shelf moments (Mobile only)
  • In-between store visits – win online stockup moments during key days of the week and at the right time of day. (Mobile + Household Devices)

Layering audience filters like “shoppers who over-index on your or your competitor’s products” can also be added to refine targeting even further.

Brandlift™ Shopper Categories

Online Grocery Pickup Shoppers

Grocery Shoppers

Apparel, Home & office Shoppers

Pharmacy, Health & Beauty Shoppers

Lawn & Garden, Seasonal Shoppers

Auto Care, Sporting Goods Shoppers

A few of the brands we help grow with Brandlift™

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