Connect Your Media Strategy to Connected TV

Connected TVWhat is Connected TV (CTV)?

By the end of 2018, over 63 million households in the US will have “cut the cord” or will choose to never subscribe to cable or satellite at all.

But what if you could still reach these households with the power and flexibility that you have with other online advertising platforms?

Connected TV is the answer, and is rapidly becoming a critical component to any best in class media plan.

It’s not just recycled TV advertising, it’s a new platform entirely

Connected TV Mechanics

One of the most powerful elements to Connected TV is that you can reach an entire household with your video’s message, then retarget and influence them across all devices afterward. This gives you the chance to do a lot more than you can with just one standard display campaign.

Why use CTV, why now?

  • Refine your targeting in unprecedented ways. With Connected TV, you can target behaviors – not just households and viewer segments. Want to target car shoppers? Recent movers? People who frequently visit a certain competitor?
  • Take advantage of the low cost while you can. The cost (per impression/view) is exceptionally lower than traditional TV, but this isn’t going to last. As more advertisers jump on board, costs will go up.
  • Reach an audience you simply can’t reach through traditional TV.
  • The same flexibility of spend and bidding you have on other programmatic platforms.

Don’t put a pin in it, CTV needs to be on your plan today. Not yet convinced? Let’s take a closer look at the cord-cutting trend

Overall, people of every age group (except 65+) are watching less TV
Traditional TV usage is dropping most with 12-34 age group But only the 65+ group hasn’t shown a decrease

Traditional TV Decreasing


The Big Shift
But why think that digital video usage is a major contributing factor in decreased TV viewership? Well let’s take a look at the trajectory for digital video penetration and see if you can spot the connection…

Digital TV Penetration














A look inside the demographics of cord-cutting – it’s not just Millennials

Cord Cutting Breakdown


Over 50% increase in ownership of Smart/streaming enabled TVs in just 2 years.

Trends in Connected TV



Reaching a Connected TV household is more than just about the TV

Connected TV Device Penetration


The geographic trend for adopting CTV doesn’t follow traditional TV patterns in the same way – we’re looking at a new digital consumer 


Connected TV Geographic Trend


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