Winning The Holiday Shopper

Winning holiday shoppers online and in-store requires careful planning, in theory. But there’s not always time for a plan.
Shopper marketers know how crazy holiday gets, so a plan isn’t enough – sometimes you need to improvise with smart, targeted tactics that you can quickly implement to reach and engage your target audience.

In the flurry of frenetic holiday shopping, travel and events, it can be challenging to deliver a relevant message to your audience at the right time and place. But our BrandLift platform™ provides a way to cut through the chaos and win powerful holiday micro-moments.

Holiday entertainer

Who – frequently visiting the fresh and freezer section during holiday timeframe, consumer lots of food hack and recipe ideas online
Why – They’re looking for fun, easy and appetizing food and beverage solutions for their holiday get togethers. Often these trips begin with online inspiration and there’s a major opportunity to get on the list or in the online grocery pickup cart
How – Grocery fill-in trips become much more frequent during the holidays, so our geofencing platform allows you to capture mobile IDs and  retarget shoppers between trips – even leveraging cross-device technology to reach the entire household planning for the next big party

Gift Giver

Who – Walmart shoppers who have visited the toy, electronics or apparel sections in the last 30 days, are actively shopping for gifts online as well
Why – They’re looking for last-minute deals, as well as easy ideas that are the perfect fit. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase rollbacks and in-store coupons
How – We build a custom database around profiles of shoppers who are over-indexing on holiday gift shopping online, then layer that against our proprietary database of shoppers who have physically visited the gifting hot spots within Walmart

Home maker

Who – frequently visit the Walmart home & garden or home goods section of the store (think: kitchen ware, bed & bath decor, etc)
Why – Consumers invest in their backyards in Spring, but focus on the inside of the home in winter, especially in colder climates. Purchases for the home often come in bursts, with one initial item triggering multiple later purchases. So it’s a great opportunity to retarget people while they’re asking themselves, “What else do I need to complete this project, this big idea?”
How – Our database is able to restrict targeting to people who specifically frequent both the home & garden and home goods sections of Walmart stores. This allows you a degree of precision unmatched by any other platform

Groceries on the go

Who – Busy holiday shoppers who frequently use Online Grocery Pickup (OGP)
Why – From quick meals to picking up laundry detergent, holidays make for many more on-the-go grocery pickup trips. With less time to shop, pickup is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity
How – BrandLift™ has the only database of mobile IDs that have physically visited OGP pickup lanes

Cold & Flu

Who – Shoppers in or who have recently visited the pharmacy and over-index on OTC
Why – Birds of a feather flock together, which seems to be true once someone in the house gets sick. Chances are, if you ran to the pharmacy recently – you’ll be back again soon for that next item: breathing strips, pain reliever or vitamins
How – We are able to target shoppers within the Pharmacy section of Walmarts and retarget them after they leave. We can even narrow in our targeting of this audience to those who are also searching online for remedies to their issue

Now you’ve got five simple, powerful and easily actionable ideas for holiday. What are you waiting for? Give us a call or drop us a note, we would love to help you survive and thrive through the holiday marketing frenzy.

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Why use BrandLift™? We have developed the only database of mobile IDs that have physically visited OGP pickup lanes, giving you extreme precision to advertise to only your ideal customer. Learn more