The Duality of Geofencing: Real-time & Retargeting

Many have heard of geofencing. Some have tried it. But few are maximizing the full potential of this powerful capability.

Real-time Isn’t Always the Best Time

More often than not, marketers and business owners who have tried geofencing used it as a real-time tactic. What that means is advertising to an audience while they’re inside of a given geofence.

But what if that’s not the best time to engage your audience? Do you really want to shop online while you’re at an event or at a store?

Perhaps there are low-stress trips where you might want to look at ratings or digital coupons on your phone. But it ultimately depends on the campaign objective and what action you’re hoping your audience will take next.

What Happens After People Leave Your Geofence?
Sometimes the best timing to reach your audience is after they have left your geofence and gone home or back to work. Geo-retargeting, or mobile ID capture, is an exceptional tactic for nurturing consideration and repurchase. It’s also a way to reach influencers within a household that may have a say in a big ticket or otherwise high-consideration item.

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