Right place. Right time. Right audience.

AI Geofence Advertising

Realtime AI Geofencing

Deliver your Ads to on-the-go consumers in REALTIME as they enter or leave your ‘virtual fence’. Our proprietary geofencing solution increases the likelihood of your ads being seen by over 200% on 98% of the web’s publishers inside a single or multiple location geofence as small as 25 feet.

Lookback AI Geofencing

Reach your perfect customer, wherever they are and on all of their devices. Target an audience that attended a specific event on a certain date (ie. trade shows or concerts), or target an audience that has frequented a specific location(s) once or more over the past 12 months (ie. your competitors or shopping centers).

Lead Generation

Our Geofencing + Facebook lead generation solution is a proven tactic to fill your pipeline with leads. Our platform integrates with your CRM to automatically upload leads as they come in so your team can follow-up immediately. Lead formats include phone calls and/or form fills.

Connected TV

Reach a fast growing, streaming audience not available through traditional TV. With Connected TV you can now serve your commercials to these “cord cutters,” targeting your audience with extreme precision by adding geofence layers, interest and behavioral data.


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