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The Geofencing Company

Welcome. You’re researching Geofencing Companies because you want to grow your business – or just learn more about Geofencing. Either way, we’re happy to help. If you’re interested in pricing, just fill out the form and we’ll contact you today to ask a few questions so we can provide you with some basic pricing.

What is Geofence Advertising?

Geofence Advertising is the process of serving ads on websites and apps to a very niche audience in either small or large locations. Our Geofencing is largely based on targeting device ID’s. Ads can serve on mobile devices, tablets, desktops and TV’s.

Where will my ADS be shown?

This is one of the most important question you can ask your Geofencing provider. To protect our clients’ AD spend from non-human bot traffic, we only serve ADS on premium, curated Sites and Apps. We are the only geofencing company (that we are aware of) in the industry that provides you with a realtime dashboard – listing the Sites & Apps where your ADS have appeared.

AI is a must-have for all Geofencing companies.

AI integration allows you to see your business like never before. You can visualize your markets and customers’ behavior, develop accurate consumer profiles, and see new opportunity gaps that were previously hidden.

Match the Geofencing tactic that aligns with your goals

There are several different types of Geofencing tactics – it is CRITICAL to match the right Geofencing tactic with your goals. Is the goal site traffic? Leads? Awareness? etc. Each of these require a unique Geofencing tactic in order to be successful.

Sometimes using multiple Geofencing tactics is the best solution. Takeaway here is that there’s no one size fits all solution. Read below for more details on types of Geofencing. Or contact us if you would like us to help you match the right tactic with your goals.

Realtime Geofencing

Most Geofencing companies deliver your Ads to on-the-go consumers in REALTIME as they enter or leave your ‘virtual fence’. Our proprietary AI informed geofencing solution increases the likelihood of your ads being seen by over 200% on 98% of the web’s publishers – inside a single or multiple location geofence as small as 25 feet.

Lookback Geofencing

Reach your perfect customer, wherever they are and on all of their devices. Target an audience that attended a specific event on a certain date (ie. trade shows or concerts), or target an audience that has frequented a specific location(s) once or more over the past 12 months (ie. your competitors or shopping centers).

Geofencing Lead Generation / Recruiting

Our Geofencing lead generation solution leads the industry in filling pipelines with leads. Our platform integrates with your CRM to automatically upload leads as they come in so your team can follow-up immediately. Lead formats include phone calls and/or form fills.

Coupon Geofencing

This geofencing tactic presents coupons to targeted audiences that are most likely to redeem them. After seeing your coupons online, the user is given the option to Email, Text or Print the coupons.