Walmart+ is in PRIME position to win over Amazon shoppers.

Walmart is counting on their Walmart+ membership plan to lure customers away and take sales from Amazon. And there’s good reason to believe that this will happen. The W+ membership has a unique set of offerings that AMAZON PRIME memberships cannot match simply due to Walmart’s existing infrastructure:

  • Access to all 150,000+ SKU’s at WMSC with at shelf-pricing – versus Amazon with a much smaller footprint and leaning on other stores for fulfillment
  • W+ scan and go feature allows shoppers a quick and convenient way to shop in store. Customers still want the flexibility to shop in-store and online – whatever is most convenient at the time
  • W+ offers a 5 cent discount per gallon at ~1,500 WM & Murphy Gas stations across the country. We’re still very much a car culture.

Your Brand’s Holiday Marketing Playbook should include a strategy for connecting with current and future Walmart+ shoppers. Here’s how:

Target our proprietary Walmart+ audiences, for example:

  • Walmart gas station customers
  • Walmart Online Pickup shoppers
  • WM gas station customers who are WM OP customers as well
  • Customers converting from Amazon to W+
  • Walmart in-store shoppers – by department

Audience approach. Combine [our Walmart audience] with [our custom audience of shoppers who over-index on your or your competitor’s brands].

Optimize ATC Conversions. Add our single click Add-To-Cart functionality for maximum conversion and sell through.

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