Reach people who WERE PREVIOUSLY at a location


Reach on-the-go audiences who have been at any location or event up to 12 months ago

Lookback Geofencing is a unique form of targeting that allows you to reach audiences who have frequented specific locations in the past (up to 12 months ago). Your target audiences are built using a deterministic tracking model that ensures our clients have access to the most comprehensive TAG CERTIFIED and precise mobile ID audience library in the industry.

Narrow your audience with data layers

  • Interests (brand preferences, hobbies, etc)
  • Demographic (gender, age, income, job, etc…)
  • Behavioral (shopping history, currently in-market for…)
  • Contextual (ads appear on sites within an industry category or containing specific content, ie. automotive research)

Lookback Geofencing gives you more insight into your customers and competitors than ever before

  • Visibility into where consumers live, work, and visit
  • Develop accurate consumer profiles
  • Upgrade your media campaigns with granular audience insights
  • See The Full Customer Journey
  • Understand market and industry trends
  • Elevate event planning, forecasting, and measurement
Lookback Geofencing

Optimizing Lookback Geofencing campaigns

Behind the scenes, our in-house team of Analysts optimize every client campaign each day. This high-touch approach allows us to deliver superior results on a more consistent basis and has clearly differentiated us in the geofencing industry.

Lookback Geofencing

Attribution & reporting

One the many things that separates us in this industry is the amount of transparency in our reporting. ROI matters and measuring campaign results is an important part of our overall process. We provide each client a monthly campaign status report that includes key KPI’s along with our behind-the-scene observations. Each of our clients also receive a realtime dashboard that displays their campaign performance and key KPI’s.

Our Lookback Geofencing reporting includes:

  • Average number of post ad-click page visits to your site
  • Average amount of time spent on your site post ad-click
  • Average bounce rate
  • Number of unique site visits
  • Click through rate
  • Impressions served
Lookback Geofencing

Why Lookback Geofencing?

  • Precision Targeting: Lookback Geofencing allows you to target audiences with high precision based on their past behavior. By analyzing previous visits to specific locations, you can create highly targeted advertising campaigns tailored to the interests and preferences of those audiences.
  • Increased Engagement: By targeting users who have previously visited certain locations, you can create more relevant and personalized ads. You can deliver tailored offers, promotions, or messages that resonate with individuals previous behavior –  increasing engagement and the likelihood of driving conversions.