Reach audiences in the moment


Reach audiences at a single or thousands of locations at the same time.

The foundation of each Realtime Geofencing campaign is a “virtual fence” or geofence over one or more locations anywhere in the US or (most of) Europe & Asia. While there’s no limit to the size of each geofence, it can be as small as 25 feet. Ads typically begin serving inside the geofence on the same day that the campaign goes live. Ads are served on primarily mobile devices and can appear on 98% of the web’s publishers.

Geofence Retargeting

People who were inside a geofence can also be retargeted after they leave providing an opportunity to reinforce a message for a customized period of time.

Speak with a Digital Specialist

Campaign performance & optimization

Behind the scenes, our in-house team of Analysts optimize every client campaign each day. This high-touch approach allows us to deliver superior results on a more consistent basis and has clearly differentiated us in the geofencing industry.

Attribution & transparent reporting

One the many things that separates us in this industry is the amount of transparency in our reporting. ROI matters and measuring campaign results is an important part of our overall process. We provide each client a monthly campaign status report that includes key KPI’s along with our behind-the-scene observations. Each of our clients also receive a realtime dashboard that displays their campaign performance and key KPI’s.

Our reporting includes:

  • Average number of post ad-click page visits to your site
  • Average amount of time spent on your site post ad-click
  • Average bounce rate
  • Number of unique site visits
  • Click through rate
  • Impressions served
  • Store visit tracking
    When a geofence campaign’s objective is to drive foot traffic to a brick & mortar location, our system will dynamically count the number of people who visit your brick & mortar location after seeing your Ad. This enables you to better gauge cost per store visit as well as other critical attribution metrics that have historically challenged marketers and business owners.