Ip Targeting


We target custom audiences in households or businesses by converting a physical address to an IP address. Our cross-device technology reaches all in-home/business devices actively using the local Wifi service.

  • Customer List Campaigns
  • Custom Audience/List Campaigns
  • Voter Influence Campaigns
  • B2B Influence Campaigns
Behavioral Advertising


Drive traffic to your site by reaching and influencing audiences based on their interests & browsing behavior. Our predictive modeling and advanced algorithms deliver your message to consumers who are interested in your, or your competitor’s product – at the right time.

  • Product Promotions
  • Voter / Political Campaigns
  • Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • Event Promotions


Reach on-the-go consumers as they enter or leave your ‘geo-fence’. Our proprietary hyper local targeting technology combines multiple layers including GPS and IP targeting to increase the likelihood of your ads being served in a single or multiple location geo-fence with a radius as small as 25 yards.

  • Hyper Local Targeting
  • Competitor Conquesting Campaigns
  • Franchise / Multilocation Campaigns

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