Meet Lauren, the new home cook

Emerging Shopper Profiles

Meet Lauren, who just three weeks ago made her first taco ring!  Lauren isn’t alone…in fact new research from Hunter suggests that 54% more Americans cooking at home. The trend has broad appeal for a variety of reasons from eating healthier (52%) to trying new recipes (50%) and simply finding relaxation in cooking a meal (50%)1.

The Epicurious infatuation may have legs, too, as new chefs are indicating they enjoy cooking and will be cooking at home more often, even after COVID1.

The shift from eating out to eating in is apparent with triple-digit growth in Grocery delivery apps Shipt, WM and Kroger while Restaurant delivery app downloads like Uber Eats & Door Dash are cooling2. The shift in spending from restaurants to grocery is estimated at a staggering $118B in Q2 alone3.

So who is Lauren?

Lauren’s location history tells us that she enjoyed eating out frequently. She was rarely seen at grocery stores before COVID, but is now seen at grocery stores and supermarkets – indicating she is cooking from home more often due to restaurant closures. Lauren has recently downloaded a recipe app and wants to upgrade her cookware and kitchen electronics. She’s also discovering new ingredients and new brands1!

Target this new shopper for OG wins now & later

Understanding the new shopper’s location patterns in key to winning them. To reach Lauren, combine our Brandlift OG audience with location data layers –  illustrated by this audience formula:

(All Frequent OG Shoppers – Pre COVID Frequent OG Shoppers) + (downloaded a recipe app + seen at kitchen supply stores) = Lauren


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