Leveraging Mobile ID Capture Technology During COVID-19

While the world continues to navigate new norms during the COVID-19 pandemic together, media consumption is not only growing, but it is evolving.

Live sports superfans are shifting to video streaming services and gaming consoles, premium content is more accessible at lower cost, and social media has replaced nearly all in-person interactions.

In these uncertain times, one certainty emerges in our space: consumers are engaged with many devices and media channels in their household now more than ever before.

Shelter-in-place orders have 74% Americans avoiding all non-essential physical stores, according to eMarketer.

The challenge is, how do brands connect with their consumers when geography is such a crucial piece to their targeting tactic, and the world outside of our homes is still?

Enter Mobile ID Capture & Retargeting technology that derives mobile device IDs based on real-world consumer behavior. These location-based audiences can be built with a lookback window, so brands can connect with their audience based on where they have been for up to 12 months ago.

Mediavision2020 can activate Mobile ID Capture audiences cross-device on desktop, tablet and Connected TV, which allows advertisers to simultaneously serve to all devices in the household on 98% of the web’s most trusted publishers.

Our Mobile ID audiences are highly-customizable and are built with data brands can trust. With this flexible and scalable targeting solution, advertisers can activate campaigns across multiple device combinations and media channels.

By leveraging a lookback window, Mediavision2020 can deliver relevant, powerful messages to your audience based on locations they have visited in the past, providing a solution for realtime geofencing of targets that may otherwise be closed in today’s climate.