Accelerate your Online Grocery Delivery Roadmap through Targeted Media

In our previous post on the imperative of developing your online grocery delivery strategy, we talked about how the grocery basket has changed, it’s time to take a more bold and agile approach to adapting to the new consumer needs.

In this post, we’ll take it a step further and look at how to take those critical first steps in getting your grocery delivery media machine working right. Grocery delivery requires a fresh take on targeting, value delivery and measurement, so we’re here to help you go beyond mere search, social and general display media. True performance media must drive deeper, to the core of how and why consumers use grocery delivery.

So let’s get right into the three fundamentals to accelerating your online grocery delivery media machine…

Define Your Moment for Grocery Delivery (OGD)

Start Ideating Your Audience

Imagine you could wave a magic wand and target anyone, anywhere? Think of your dream-customer, the person who you know is out there, but is a diamond in the rough.

  • Who is that person, what do they value and how does their household look?
  • What’s a life in their day look like?
  • How’s their weekday and weekend look differently?
  • What bugs them and excites them?
  • What are their goals for spending their time?


That is truly the best place to start this process. It has to be right brain first, then left brain as you zero in on the right audience for the campaign in question.

Define Their Ideal OGD Time, Place & Context

While it’s important to start broad, you then need to begin zeroing in on the micro-moments that present the absolute best time and place for targeting them.

Ask yourself, “If there was only one minute in my entire week when I would consider buying [insert your product], when would that be, what would I be doing and where?”

Here are a few examples to help you think through grocery delivery moments:

It may sound crazy, but Mediavision2020 has proprietary databases that allow you to target these exact types of locations. Don’t write off your wild idea on how to hyper-target your customers’ location – reach out to us and we can help design a custom geo-location based audience for you.

Design a Compelling Offer

Define more than one potential solution or offer so you can test these against each other.
Let’s be honest, we’re all still learning what the right offer is – and when – for grocery delivery. After you’ve outlined your audiences and picked the one you want to campaign for, define your message and offer. Here’s just one basic example of how to start that discussion with your team.

Structure a Test & Measure Lift and ROAS

Grocery pickup and delivery are not new, yet they are new again somehow.
Why? It’s simple:

The end result of this rigorous, albeit boring, process of structuring your test? You’re able to make bold and meaningful conclusions at the end of your campaign. Here are just a few examples of the types of insights you can only get by structuring your test in a rigorous way.

  • ‘OGD product marketed in the Midwest showed a 14% Y/Y improvement in PDP sales for OGD, compared to our control group that did not receive marketing’
  • ‘OGD campaigns delivered a 23% increase in OGD orders, but also created indirect lift to OGP with an almost 9% higher than the control group – at full chain this represents $1.3MM lift’
  • ‘OGD campaigns leveraging hyper-targeted media drove 4x higher conversion than historical display campaigns and 13% increase over our control group’

Still not sure where to start and need a little “Geofencing 101”? We’ve got you covered with the video below. We would love to hop on a call and talk you through what we do at Mediavision2020 and how we can tailor a campaign to help your brand get to the next level with Online Grocery Delivery.

So how might that look when you’re all done & ready to measure how your campaign performed? Here’s a simplified look at how you would review and assess performance and look for insights.

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