3 key strategies that will help you connect with first-time online grocery shoppers

While COVID-19 is driving one of the fastest shifts in shopper behavior we have ever seen, shopper marketing teams are challenged with testing & adopting new strategies for connecting with the massive influx of new online shoppers.

COVID-19 will likely be behind us in a matter of months. However, the strategies and tactics brands deploy today will have a huge impact on their relationship with consumers for years to come.

“We expect this unfortunate period to accelerate structural changes in consumer shopping for five or more years, as people are introduced to new shopping methods like online grocery & curb side pick up.”  CNBC, 3/19/20

As grocery shoppers switch from pushing carts in the aisle to adding products to their online cart, here’s three opportunities for brands to connect with these newcomers to online grocery shopping.

1) Consider a new audience – Target online grocery newcomers

a. New Online Grocery Pickup Shopper:

  • Target soon-to-be OGP shoppers within 3 miles of a store AND layer on an audience ‘exclusion’ of OGP shoppers.
  • Layer audiences who over-index on your AND your competitor’s products. First-time online shoppers are more open to new brand offers.

b. New Grocery Delivery Shopper:

  • Target soon-to-be Delivery shoppers within 3 miles of a store AND layer on an audience ‘exclusion’ of shoppers with a history of using Grocery Delivery, Door Dash, Uber Eats, etc.

One key takeaway here is grocery shoppers switching from in-store to online are obviously not the early adopters. They are not as comfortable with change as the early adopters, yet tend to be brand loyalists. This is great news for brands who find ways to reach them right now.

2) 20-30% of ordered products are out of stock

a. Make sure your campaigns check for realtime in-stock availability at the store level, and offer same-brand substitutes if OOS.

The online shopping experience is not optimal at the moment with out-of-stocks and delays in pick-up and delivery times. New online shoppers will appreciate you offering replacement products for OOS items. Help make their early experience a positive one and you will definitely build brand loyalty.

3) Stockup mentality = increase in basket size

a. Up-sell additional products at list-building moments. Programmatically identify when shoppers click on your ad and immediately follow-up with other product ads. Think about it. They are actively adding to their cart. Is there a better time to offer more product suggestions?

b. SIZE UP your offer, value size/twin packs, etc

So, there you have it. Three easy-to-adopt strategies for winning over new online shoppers and building brand loyalty. There has never been a more challenging time for grocery shoppers, and anything your Brand can do to make life easier is an investment in customer loyalty that will extend well beyond the Covid-19 era.

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