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Leveraging Mobile ID Capture Technology During COVID-19

In these uncertain times, one certainty emerges in our space: consumers are engaged with many devices and media channels in their household now more than ever before.

The challenge is, how do brands connect with their consumers when geography is such a crucial piece to their targeting tactic, and the world outside of our homes is still?

Last Brand to Grocery Delivery is a Rotten Egg

The race for grocery delivery is on, and it’s one of the key battlefronts of the great “clash of the titans” taking place among Walmart, Amazon, Kroger and other grocers. It’s also a fight among brands within Walmart – everyone wants to know how they can capitalize on grocery delivery and we want to give you some digital strategy insight to set you in the right direction.

Ad Fraud & How to Avoid It

The value of precise data to target your exact customer cannot be overstated. It truly is the most unique thing differentiating ad platforms today – and is why people love our Brand Lift hyper-targeting platform.