Geofencing - Programmatic Advertising


Target on-the-go consumers within a 25 foot radius anywhere
then cross-device retarget them at home, work or play.

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No Company in the industry offers a more targeted approach with household IP extension &  cross device targeting across 98% of the web’s publishers. Our proprietary Geofencing process creates a virtual fence over your store, a competitor’s store, or even key neighborhoods. We then deliver your ads to any device that enters your geofence, PLUS capture their device ID so you can retarget them later when they’re at home, work or play.

Our Geofencing technology is so precise, we reach shoppers inside a store or even at live events. Once they have entered your Geofence, consumers are served your ads on both apps & browsers. This targeting will help capture your customers on a more personal level by providing them with special offers that apply to their current location.


Extend the reach and impact of your geofencing campaigns by enabling Mobile ID retargeting.

What happens after your target audience leaves your geofenced area? By capturing the mobile ID of consumers who enter your geofence, you can retarget to them on their device – no matter where they are. You can even link a mobile ID to a home wifi network, allowing you to reach the entire household – including the devices in it – of the person who previously visited your geofence. This unlocks exponentially more influential touchpoints on the path to purchase. You can deliver relevant content and offers when it matters most, driving consideration and conversion.

In Store Ad Targeting - Geofencing


Layer behavioral data, even your CRM data onto any geographical area in the US to reach precise audiences based on their shopping behaviors + current location. Our precision Geofencing has the ability to serve ads to audiences inside your geofence as well as after they leave – so you can reach the same audience at work, play or at home across all devices.

GeoConquesting Competitors - Geofencing


Establish dominance over your competitors with our GeoConquesting Campaigns. This method of marketing builds a “virtual fence” around a competitor’s location and delivers relevant ads and offers to potential customers at critical moments in the path to purchase.

Geo Targeting Live Events - Geofencing


Our Geofencing technology can reach a concentrated audience during a conference, sporting event, even live concerts. Ads can be served both during the event and after allowing you to reinforce your message for a customized time period once the event has ended.

Verified Store Visit Tracking - Geofencing


Our verified visit geofencing technology allows you to actually track store visits prompted by your ads, enabling you to better gauge cost per store visit as well as other critical attribution metrics that have historically challenged marketers and business owners.

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