Test and Learn Media

By now most marketers have put in place a few moderately effective always-on digital media campaigns. But more often than not, despite achieving some success, most haven’t significantly evolved their digital strategy and aren’t sure how to level-up their paid media.

Creating and managing geofence campaigns requires expertise and daily optimization for the best results.

The process begins by creating geofences around places that your customers frequently visit like stores, restaurants, stadiums, zip codes or cities.

Generating leads can be a challenge for any client, especially those in a niche market. And, coming up with a working strategy can take time. In 2021, ad impressions on Facebook increased by 34% (Siu, 2021). With this increase of activity in the Facebook Ads space, the opportunity to reach your next business lead becomes greater. Here are some best practices for generating quality leads that you can follow up on.

Walmart is counting on their new Walmart+ membership plan to lure customers away and take sales from Amazon. And there’s good reason to believe that this will happen.

A whopping 28% of OG shoppers made their first ever online grocery order in March due to COVID19”1. These shoppers, who’ve adopted OG out of necessity, represent a new demographic in the space.

Meet Lauren, who just three weeks ago made her first taco ring! Lauren isn’t alone…in fact new research from Hunter suggests that 54% more Americans cooking at home. The trend has broad appeal for a variety of reasons from eating healthier (52%) to trying new recipes (50%) and simply finding relaxation in cooking a meal (50%)1.

While COVID-19 is driving one of the fastest shifts in shopper behavior we have ever seen, shopper marketing teams are challenged with testing & adopting new strategies for connecting with the massive influx of new online shoppers.

Grocery Delivery

The race for grocery delivery is on, and it’s one of the key battlefronts of the great “clash of the titans” taking place among Walmart, Amazon, Kroger and other grocers. It’s also a fight among brands within Walmart – everyone wants to know how they can capitalize on grocery delivery and we want to give you some digital strategy insight to set you in the right direction.

The value of precise data to target your exact customer cannot be overstated. It truly is the most unique thing differentiating ad platforms today – and is why people love our Brand Lift hyper-targeting platform.